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The Mud City Development team has been part of the Chicago landscape for a long time. We use our tight-knit team's detailed knowledge of the market in both property selection and in our cost-effective, environmentally responsible construction process. We create highly desirable properties from both an investment and a tenant perspective.


Commercial Tenants

We work hand in hand with our commercial clients to find and renovate spaces that truly fit their needs. We believe the true value of building improvements is not the amount of trending trims or popular upgrades. It's really about adding smart, strategic improvements that add long-term value. We stay current not only with what’s hot but also look to future trends that may change the development landscape.

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Property Selection

The long-term health of a property is determined by the health of the community that surrounds it, especially in urban and suburban areas where growth and change is focused on infill development and site repurposing. We specialize in identifying opportunities for socially responsible development by focusing on adaptive reuse projects that contribute to community revitalization. By locating and developing value in budding neighborhoods and distinctive districts we provide unique investment opportunities for both short and long-term investors.


Rehab & Construction

At Mud City Development we work with a select group of contractors who share our appreciation for historic preservation as well as our vision for the future. We carefully restore and modernize properties. Through adaptive re-use we accommodate the needs of today's businesses while celebrating the history of the neighborhood and its community.


Whether you're looking to broaden your investment portfolio or you're ready to expand your business footprint, Mud City Development can help.

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